Joe Satriani at The Parker | Nov. 11th 2022

The Parker

He’s one of the most imaginative, brilliant, and talented rock guitarists ever to strum six strings. Don't miss Joe Satriani on Friday, November 11th at The Parker! He's played guitar with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple and Chickenfoot. And his own instrumental-rock releases, like Surfing With the Alien and The Extremist, earned him gold and platinum plaques and multiple Grammy nominations. His most recent studio album, Shockwave Supernova, has already been hailed as yet another creative breakthrough. Rolling Stone magazine said of the legendary axeman, “From the start, he possessed an inimitable approach to guitar that balanced melody and technicality, as well as elements of hard rock and jazz, in a way that made for a sound that made him a guitar hero to a generation of young wood shedders.” This is your chance to see the world’s most successful solo guitar icon perform his mind-bending guitar daredevilry live.

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