Car breaks apart following fatal crash in Hollywood Sunday morning

Two people were killed when a Dodge Viper split in half after crashing into a tree in Brevard County early Sunday morning.

The fatal accident happened near the intersection of North 32nd Avenue and Johnson Street in Hollywood.

Hollywood Police responded to the scene just around 3 a.m. after the vehicle rammed into a tree and barreled into a fence. The impact caused the Viper to be split in two.

Investigators say roads were wet from overnight rain, which may have contributed to the single-vehicle crash.

A homeless man was sleeping on a bus stop bench behind the tree when the crash occurred. 

The tree may very have saved the man’s life, as he only suffered a cut to his head from car debris.

One of the fatalities of Sunday’s crash was 22-year-old Julia Alvarez. The crash happened less than a mile from her home.

Alvarez’s father, Orillio, told Local 10 News his daughter had a love for travel and those she kept closest to her, saying “she loved dearly her family and her closest friends. She enjoyed life, she really did.”

Alvarez says police told him his daughter and the driver likely died on impact. Police have not revealed the identity of the driver publicly.

According to Orillio, his daughter was on her way home from the funeral of a friend who died in a previous crash.

“As a result of a car accident, and now, within the week, it falls upon Julia to be next. It’s devastating,” he said.

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