Video shows rough arrest after Miami-Dade officers attacked

Several people were arrested in southwest Miami-Dade on Saturday after officers were attacked while taking a man into custody.

Miami-Dade police were conducting a traffic stop of Marques and Derrell Christmas after spotting the two riding an off-road dirt bike on the street.

The duo pulled up to a home on Southwest 175th Street when officers say the two wheeled their bikes into the yard and refused commands to stop.

Officers tried to arrest Marques Christmas, who resisted as police tried to gain control of him, slipping away before forcing an officer to be pressed up against a fence.

Derrell Christmas told WPLG “the other officer came, he pushed him in the face, he made him start bleeding, so them two got the tussling.The officer was on me, I was trying to tell him, I said you get your officer I’ll get my brother.”

After getting Marques in handcuffs, police say he continued to resist, head-butting an officer and spitting on him; forcing officers to grab him by the neck and strike him in the face to gain control.

A woman captured on cell phone video during Saturday’s arrest, Erika Major, is also accused of grabbing officers and interfering with their efforts to make an arrest. 

Major’s allegedly had a metal stick in her hand and ran inside the home when officers asked her to put it down.

Derrell Christmas, Marques Christmas and Erika Major were taken to the Miami-Dade County Jail on charges including battery on a law enforcement officer, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

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