Strange Saucer-Shaped UFO Filmed Near Las Vegas

Photo: Dave Basner, Getty Images

One reason Las Vegas is so popular is because anything can happen there - you can marry a stranger, you can win a multi-million dollar jackpot, or, in the case of one person, you can spot a UFO.

The eyewitness was in her car when she heard what sounded like a jet. She got out her phone and opened her window just in time to film an odd, saucer-shaped object pass right overhead. The craft doesn't look like any typical plane, but it should be noted that Area 51 is not far away, and it's a well-known rumor that at the infamous location, the Air Force works on experimental aircraft, though some people think that it is actually a testing ground for alien technology.

Commenters were pretty convinced by the video, writing things like, "Wow, yeah that’s something for sho… possible ufo," and, "Wow, it definitely doesn't have any wings, IDK what it is?!" Another person suspected it is an alien drone, stating, "It is a great example of an ET drone in the spin mode. They are 2 gold balls connected between a long black rod/bar. They spin anyway and or can orb it up into that white fuzz ball we all seen everywhere."

The original poster said that the sighting took place on April 18 while going towards Area 51, noting that she saw the craft as "clear as day." No comment yet from the military or the FAA on what the UFO could be.

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