This Week's Weird News 4/22/22

A challenge surrounding the Shroud of Turin, a bizarre creature sighting in Argentina, and a 'ghost granny' terrorizing students in South Africa were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week. 

As serious students of the strange and unusual know, mysterious creatures akin to Bigfoot are not solely an American phenomenon and this past week saw one of the famed cryptid's international 'cousins' pop up in the news when a farmer in Argentina reported encountering a terrifying bipedal beast known as a Ucumar. The unnamed witness claims that, earlier this month, he was investigating a commotion on his property when he stumbled upon an approximately five-and-a-half-foot tall hairy creature that sported a pair of menacing red eyes. The unsettling experience left the man deeply shaken as he is certain that he crossed paths with Argentina's version of Sasquatch.

The Shroud of Turin found itself in the spotlight this past week when a filmmaker issued a rather audacious challenge to the British Museum, offering them $1 million if they could duplicate the iconic relic. Director David Rolfe put forward the high stakes challenge in response to the institution's longstanding claim that the legendary image seen on the cloth is actually a medieval hoax. Skeptical of that assertion, he argues that the museum ought to be able to replicate the shroud if it really is fake and he's willing to pay them a hefty reward if they can pull off the 'miraculous' feat. Meanwhile, in a somewhat similar story, a priest in upstate New York was stunned when he opened church on Easter morning and spotted a marking on the floor that he believes was an image of Jesus Christ.

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While ghostly activity manages to manifest itself in a myriad of ways, from apparitions to haunted objects, this past week saw one of the more unique accounts of something from the spirit realm making an appearance in our world as a group of students in South Africa say that they were attacked by a "short granny-like figure with dreadlocks." The eerie entity, they claim, suddenly appeared in their classroom and began slapping the children until they cast the being away using salt. The case may sound like a bit of mischief on the part of the students, but apparently the incident was treated seriously in the community as not only were classes cancelled for the day, but the mayor of the town visited the school to investigate the matter.

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