Here's The Best Chicken Tenders In Florida

Organic Crispy Chicken Strips

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Who can turn down an order of chicken tenders? Salty and fried to perfection, plenty of restaurants and bars offer this comfort food to both kids and adults. A nice helping of fries usually comes with it, as well. You don't have to worry about the bones, as well.

Since there are thousands of businesses serving up this dish, Eat This, Not That! found the best chicken tenders in every state.

You can grab the most delicious chicken tenders in Florida from Huey Magoo's!

"With franchised locations all over Florida, the innovators around Huey Magoo's are set on taking over the chicken tender market one restaurant at a time," writers say. "With a signature dip and plenty of satisfying sides, the delicious tenders are the star of the menu. They also have the solution for a big group—you can also order in quantities of 20 and 30 to satiate your craving."

Taking a closer look at the menu, you can get your tenders grilled, hand-breaded, or sauced. Every meal comes with crinkle-cut fries, Texas toast, and Magoo's dip.

If you want to try this restaurant's chicken tenders, Huey Magoo's has many locations across the Sunshine State.

Check out the full mouth-watering list on Eat This, Not That!

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