Huge Waterspout Looms Near Florida City In Shocking Video

A Florida man spotted a giant waterspout on Tuesday (August 16) as severe thunderstorms swept through the area.

Boo Freeman filmed the jaw-dropping storm around 6 a.m., which happened off the coast of Destin, according to UPI. You can see lightning flashing from the ominous clouds over the beach waters.

"That's a biggin'," he captioned in the video. The witness told AccuWeather he watched the waterspout dissipate offshore, saying it's one of many he spotted this past week. Local meteorologists say a line of thunderstorms rolled over the Destin area, prompting marine warnings from the National Weather Service.

AccuWeather Senior Weather Editor Jesse Ferrell says the massive waterspout isn't normal.

"It looks like this was a legitimate tornado over water formed by a supercell thunderstorm, not a weak waterspout spun up from a rain shower," she explains to reporters.

Freeman wasn't the only one recording this huge waterspout. Dozens of videos and images of the scary weather event flooded social media that day.

NWS shared footage of the same waterspout near Destin, this time captured by Jonathan Day. The agency reported five waterspouts off the Florida Panhandle this summer.

No damage was reported from the waterspout. It dissipated without incident.

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