Sunshine State Showdown Debuts in Miami Monday Afternoon!

The newest show to hit the airwaves in Orlando and Jacksonville will not be carried in Miami from 5-6pm! The Sunshine State Showdown is hosted by (me) Brandon Kravitz & Zac Blobner and promises to deliver the biggest stories in the State Mon-Fri! We are pumped to add another market and will continue to provide insight and entertainment statewide.

What you can expect from this show:

High-energy, fast-paced debate/discussion on all things Florida sports. NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and college as well. Zac Blobner spent years working in the Jacksonville market and now resides in Tampa where he works for one of the biggest sports stations in the state, WDAE.

Me, Brandon Kravitz...I grew up in South Florida, Coral Springs to be exact. Lifelong Dolphins fan, been attending Marlins games since 1993, graduated from UCF, and now work with the Orlando Magic.

Bottom line is, if it happens in this great state, we have it covered in some form or fashion.

You can follow me on Twitter & IG @BrandonKravitz

Zac Blobner can be found @ZacontheMic on both of those platforms as well.

You can also stream the show on ANY of our affiliates Facebook/Twitter accounts!

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