Report: Tua Off Multiple Draft Boards Due to Injury Concerns

Leading up to next week's draft, we anticipate Tua Tagovailoa will be the 2nd QB off the board, but a recent report from makes it seem like that might not be the case anymore.

Now, we don't know which teams these are, and it only takes one to be in love with you in order to get drafted early. With that said though, I can't say I'm surprised. GM's live in a constant state of paranoia and the concerns around Tua's health are as troublesome as we've ever seen from a top-flight QB prospect. Read the report below:

Per The Athletic's Bob McGinn, three teams have taken Tagovailoa off their board entirely due to concerns from scouts and executives about his ability to stay healthy. 

Rumblings about Tagovailoa's durability keep getting louder the closer we get to the 2020 NFL draft. 

One AFC personnel man told McGinn that Tagovailoa was "a great college player" but added there are "three, four or five red flags staring us all in the face" that make it hard to risk a high pick on him. 

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