Podcast: Who Will Be This Year's Joe Burrow in College Football?

Joe Burrow made a leap from 2018 to 2019 that nobody could have foreseen coming. In 2018, Burrow completed less than 58% of his passes, threw for less than 3,000 yards, and only had 16 passing touchdowns. In 2019, his completion percentage went up nearly 20 points to over 76%, had over 5,600 yards passing, and threw for a whopping 60 (SIXTY) touchdowns.

Is there someone that could have that type of production increase in college football this year? Kravitz believes that Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask has the best chance to take that 'Joe Burrow' type leap.

The guys discuss Aaron Gordon's diss track of Dwyane Wade and if AG deserves criticism for it andBen Murphy of First Coast News joins the show to talk about the Jags draft.

Catch the podcast and video stream below.

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