Podcast: @tsnmike Believes College Athletes Will "Never" Be Paid to Play

College athletes getting paid has been a topic of discussion for years. It finally passed that starting in the 2021-2022 academic year, the athletes would start to get paid for autograph sessions and other things like that. Mike DeCourcy was asked if he thought this would slow down or speed up the "Pay for Play" conversation where college athletes get paid to play and he responded, "Players will never be paid in college athletics...I believe. Not in my lifetime."

Mike touched on a number of topics as well including the possibility of the NBA continuing their season and if certain conferences in college football will have an easier time playing a full season, or at least close to one, because of the coronavirus.

Kravitz continues to push for a name for the poll segment and continues to get met with rejection on his ideas and Michael Lubitz explains whether he has lost faith in other radio personalities during the pandemic.

Catch the podcast/video stream below.

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