Podcast: Tua's Got His Number

One. That's the number that Tua Tagovailoa has chosen to wear when he begins his Dolphins career. He wore the No. 13 in college and with Dan Marino having that number retired after his legendary career in Miami, Tua was going to have to choose something else.

Will that rub people the wrong way? If it were someone else with different motivations it could but Tua has different intentions and that's why he will be able to wear the number without grief says Zac.

Kravitz and Zac share their thoughts on Tua's number choice, Ben Murphy hops on and he discusses the schedule release and the fact the Jaguars will play all their home games in Jacksonville and not losing a couple to London, and Michael 'Lubie' Lubitz shares his thoughts on the Tua jersey and identifies who he believes is the face of the Dolphins defense.

Catch the podcast below.

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