Schedule Release is a "Huge" P.R. Win for Roger Goodell- @BrandonKravitz

The NBA has postponed their games and is unsure when they will return. Major League Baseball had a few spring training games but they have since put a stop to those and pushed back the start of their season. The NHL has also put a stop to games being played. These leagues also have not figured out how they want to resume play whenever the time is right.

Meanwhile, the NFL continues to roll through their offseason and appear to be set to play games in September. Kravitz and Zac talk about how free agency was success, the virtual draft (despite the negativity that Roger Goodell got for keeping the draft when it was) was a huge success, and now the league is set to release their schedule on Thursday and Kravitz called it a "huge" P.R. win for Goodell who has not been the most popular commissioner.

Kravitz and Zac also predict the amount of primetime games each in-state team will have ahead of the schedule release and Mark Maske of the Washington Post talks about the biggest story lines in the NFL and what he's looking forward to with the schedule.

Catch it all on the podcast/video stream below.

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