Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins says He Wasn't Worried About Tua

The Redskins had the 2nd pick in this year's NFL Draft, have a new coach, and can't be completely sold after a rocky rookie season from their QB. He says he wasn't worried you believe him? I don't know that I do. Haskins had to receive assurances from his new coach Ron Rivera. Read the story below from YahooSports! and tell us what you think.

“Throughout the whole process Ron wasjust telling me to trust him,” Haskins said, via J.P Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. “I did so it worked out.”

Of course, Haskins isn’t in the clear yet, as Rivera brought in known commodityKyle Allen(his old Carolina backup) and theAlex Smithcomeback is a thing that appears to be happening.

But it’s typical of Rivera’s leadership style to try to build some trust within the locker room, and keeping the guy most likely to be his starting quarterback on the same page was a smart move. Whether it works out that Haskins’ trust is justified is now largely dependent on Haskins himself, and how he responds on the field.

The Redskins could also still be in the market for Cam Newton who is out on the open market. Newton is the former QB of Rivera during his time in Carolina. We'll see...

Stats: Haskins was 2-5 in 7 starts, completed 58% of his passes, tossed 7 TD's, 7 INT's, and threw for 1,365 yards (6.7 YPA)

New York Giants v Washington Redskins

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