Podcast: The Simple Solution to Blake Snell's Comments

"No, I gotta get my money. I'm not playing unless I get mine, OK? And that's just the way it is for me. Like, I'm sorry you guys think differently, but the risk is way the hell higher and the amount of money I'm making is way lower. Why would I think about doing that?"

Those were just some of the comments Rays ace pitcher Blake Snell made while answering a question on his Twitch account. Kravitz and Zac discussed what Snell said and Zac gave a pretty simple solution as to what Snell should do.

The guys each build their own Super State of Florida Basketball Squads and ESPN college football writer Adam Rittenberg joins the show and he gives a list of teams to be on the lookout for in a POTENTIAL college football season.

Catch the podcast below.

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