Podcast: @BenMurphyTV Stokes UCF Flames

Ben Murphy sent out a tweet over the weekend that riled up the UCF fans on Twitter. Here's the tweet.

Ben explains that he doesn't have a beef with UCF, just their scheduling philosophy, "They have a great football program. It's a great university. But, when Florida offers you a 2-for-1 deal to play two games in Gainesville and one in Orlando, and you go and turn it down, you're not allowed to talk anymore. The offer was on the table. Florida doesn't need to play UCF to make a run to the playoff but UCF needs to beat a school like Florida or Florida State to get their name over the hump and I think that's where all the beef comes from."

Kravitz and Zac also discuss the social media feud between DeVante Parker and Michael Thomas and Zac gives an update on Tom Brady and his first workout with a few of his new teammates.

Catch the podcast/video stream below.

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