Podcast: "We Have To Be Better As A Country" - @reneingoglia

Kravitz and Zac open up the phone lines during the first segment to let the people air their opinions and speak their minds.

Then, Orlando Police Department's Rene Ingoglia hops on and he shares his thoughts on what happened to George Floyd and why bad cops are able to get re-hired elsewhere despite having a bad records in their past at previous locations. He also dives into how he believes that can be fixed.

Rene also touches on Colin Kaepernick and has changed his perspective on him, "I support Colin Kaepernick for what he says and what he does. I understand where he's coming from, I may not agree with everything that he does but I understand the point he's trying to get across."

Kravitz and Zac get deep in today's episode and you can listen/watch below.

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