Tua vs Cam: Who Will Start More Games for Their Respective Team?

On the latest episode of the Sunshine State Showdown: Zac is back from his hiatus and returns to the show with vim and vigor! On this episode we discuss the latest news coming out of the NBA Bubble, Cam Newton vs Tua, and a Bucs update!

This Cam vs Tua thing is interesting when you consider all of the injury paranoia surrounding both Tua and Newton, we can confidently say that it would be unlikely that both will make it through the season without getting dinged up...but, which one will it be? Who should we feel more confident about from a health standpoint? Hmmm...we disucss and you can vote below as well on our Twitter poll.

Shout out to Lubitz and Greg Auman for joining us on this episode of the Sunshine State Showdown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

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