Can You Agree With the BLM Movement and Also Want Games to Start on Time?

On today's edition of the Sunshine State Showdown, Brandon and Zac discuss last night's return to team sports, Orlando City's win, and the fact that the first 30 minutes of the ESPN broadcast was centered around sending a clear social justice message. I (Brandon Kravitz) have been very outspoken, as has Zac in regards to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and the power it has in re-shaping the way we treat one-another in this country. HOWEVER, with that said, I think it's also fair to point out, that when you turn on a game @ 8pm to watch that particular event, you expect to see it start shortly after.

We ask the it that fact, a prolonged pregame social stance that will cause "fatigue", even for those tolerant of the message? Find the comments in segment 1 of the podcast below.

Also on the show: Zac shockingly agrees with UCF AD Danny White and Ben Murphy shares his thoughts on the NFL's new media policies.

Orlando City SC v Inter Miami CF - MLS Is Back Tournament

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