Difference Between Reps in Camp and the Preseason

Kravitz is a major advocate for preseason games. It helps him especially with when it comes to doing his homework when looking for depth on his fantasy team. Zac on the other hand, not a fan of preseason.

Kravitz then tries to explain why the preseason (and not just training camp reps) is important for guys trying to make a roster, "I think one bleeds into the other and it creates some confirmation for that coach; 'This player shows up early, does the right thing, he's doing exactly what the playbook says he should do, I can see that he's studying, he's exactly where I need him to be.' Now we are in a game situation where I'm not able to blow the whistle in between plays and go over things. This is a real live, lights are on, this is your moment situation. Can you take what you showed me in training camp and can that translate to a football game. If I'm a coach, I'd much prefer to learn that answer in a preseason game than in week one."

The debate between the two of them was very spirited with neither budging from his view on which is more important.

Gene Frenette also shares his views on Madden ratings among other Jags news. Catch it all below.

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