Are Canes Fans Scared to Play UCF?

The ACC as a conference, will play 10 conference games with one nonconference game that must take place inside the state of the ACC team. That being said, UCF actually ends up losing two games in North Carolina and Georgia Tech so they need to fill their schedule. The Hurricanes have a slot on their schedule to fill with that being the non-conference opponent and Kravitz brings up an idea that's been circulating around the internet: Miami should play UCF.

"UCF is missing two ACC opponents this year (North Carolina and Georgia Tech). Miami would supplement that really, really well on top of an AAC schedule, and for Miami, it makes sense. They could go the easy route but let's drum up some interest."

Zac explains that Miami (along with Florida and Florida State) don't have any benefits to playing UCF, "There is 0 benefit for the Canes, the Noles, or the Gators to play UCF. There really isn't one because if they win, everyone's going to say, 'Oh, you should have won' and if you lose everyone's going to say, 'Oh ok. Well then UCF's a better program than you' so you have nothing to gain."

From a Miami perspective, Michael 'Lubie' Lubitz joined the show and he loved the idea of the Canes and Knights going head-to-head.

So much to get to on today's episode. Catch it all below.

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