Magic CEO Alex Martins- "We Need to Play Next Season in Front of Fans"

"It's my personal desire and I continue to voice that desire that we need to play next season in front of fans. And if that means we're close to a vaccine on December 1st and we don't have it yet, but we're within weeks or a month of it and we need to delay further, I would be in the camp of delaying further."

That was Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins Thursday on the Sunshine State Showdown when asked about when he thought next season could start. He did say that he would not give a prediction as to when next season would tip, but that the earliest date that Commissioner Adam Silver has set forth was December 1st.

Alex Martins also mentioned that the NBA is going now on four weeks of coronavirus testing with 0 positive results.

Miss any of the Showdown with Kravitz and Zac? Catch the full podcast below.

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