Colin Kaepernick Looks Like a Sad, Pathetic Man Chasing NFL Comeback

Former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is back in headlines promoting his upcoming Netflix Series "Colin in Black & White." In a recent interview with EBONY magazine, Colin expresses his desire to make an NFL return.

Has Colin Kaepernick given up his dream of returning to the NFL? Is he still ready?
And just as the question escapes my lips, something in his demeanor changes. He clenches his teeth just a little. He sets his jaw. He focuses his gaze. Steely-eyed grit and determination wash over him.
He says firmly and without pause, “Absolutely. I am still up at 5 a.m. training five, six days a week making sure I’m prepared to take a team to a Super Bowl again. That’s not something I will ever let go of, regardless of the actions of 32 teams and their partners to deny me employment. The same way I was persistent in high school is the same way I’m gonna be persistent here.”

Ben Maller parses the words of Colin Kaepernick from the interview and finds it 'sad and pathetic' that Kaepernick is still waking up at the crack of dawn with aspirations to return to the NFL and take a team to the Super Bowl. Ben also makes the case that this is more of a branding move than and not as sincere as it may look.

"Taking it at face value, if it is true, then Kaepernick looks like a sad, pathetic man. You're getting up at 5 in the morning 5 to 6 days a week thinking you're gonna lead a team to the Super Bowl? What is he living a cheesy romance novel as a life? Whether you agree or disagree with what happened, it happened. It was an abusive relationship. He was dumped by the NFL and yet here's Colin Kaepernick, based on this quote, who is not over his lost love of football...I have a sneaking suspicion that he's spewing this because his return to the NFL or saying he wants to come back to the NFL is good for his brand. It's good for buisness. It's not sincere."

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