Why Ben Simmons is Hurting the NBA's Brand

Doug Gottlieb: “What a bad look for the NBA. In addition to all the injuries, you’re packing in all these games, it feel like the Bubble just ended, now Kyrie won’t get vaccinated, and now Ben Simmons doesn’t want to participate. As much as the NFL had drama in the offseason with Russell Wilson floating out the possibility of being traded, Aaron Rodgers floating around the possibility of retiring, and of Deshaun Watson wanting to be traded and now accused of all these things, once the games started there was none of this nonsense. In the NBA it’s going to linger on. It’s the league of drama, and while it works for them at times I don’t think it’s working for them now… This drama is BAD. If you want to win the hearts and minds of the Midwest and of the traditional NBA fans, the ‘I ain’t going to practice, I ain’t going to take off my sweats’? I love the NBA, but Ben Simmons’ actions today combined with Kyrie Irving? Yeesssh….” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the NBA is starting to alienate their more traditional basketball fan who is beginning to grow tired of all the league’s petty drama off the court that never ceases to dissipate and seems to now become bigger news than the actual games being played.

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