Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 6 (Oct. 17)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 6 (October 17th)


Chargers (4-1) at Ravens (4-1) (SPREAD: BAL -2.5)

"The key will come down to running. The Chargers' defense is not great and they're atrocious against the run. They know that and they'll address it in the Draft. And the Ravens are one of the more explosive run teams in the league if not the most. At home ready to roll, I think they dominate time of possession and the Ravens win. Take them minus the points 27-32."

Colin's prediction: Chargers 27, Ravens 32

Colin's Pick: Ravens -2.5

Bengals (3-2) at Lions (0-5) (SPREAD: CIN -3.5)

"Cincinnati is the story here. They're 3-2, they're playing with fire. Four of their games were decided by 3 points or fewer. That's the most in the league. They could easily be 1-4. They are not good enough to give up 3.5 points on the road against everybody. And I like Joe Burrow but in 8 road starts and he's got ONE win. He's 1-6-1. Cincinnati's fun. A tough emotional overtime loss, they go on the road and they are simply not good enough right now to give up 3.5 to a Detroit team inches from a win. I'm going to take the Lions to win straight out 26-23."

Colin's prediction: Bengals 23, Lions 26

Colin's Pick: Lions +3.5

Cardinals (5-0) at Browns (3-2) (SPREAD: CLE -3.5)

"This comes down to the matchup. Arizona struggles against the run. They give up 5.4 yards a carry. What does Cleveland do better than everybody? RUN THE FOOTBALL. What does that mean? Kyler Murray is gonna be watching Baker Mayfield on the field. Big time of possession edge to Cleveland takes away opportunities for big plays. I think the Browns win it 33-26, dominating time of possession."

Colin's prediction: Cardinals 26, Browns 33

Colin's Pick: Browns -3.5

Cowboys (4-1) at Patriots (2-3) (SPREAD: DAL -3.5)

"Here's why I like New England, Dallas doesn't have much of a pass rush. We now have enough on Mac Jones to know he is really efficient without facing a pass rush. The Cowboys' defense, people are throwing the ball almost 70% of the time. Why? Because they CAN and because their quarterback has time. They have the second-worst pass defense in the league this year and Mac Jones...Let's be honest, as a rookie, his efficiency is strong. I don't know if New England can beat Dallas. Dallas is the better team. But the Number here at 3.5, the hook, I'll take New England to cover, Dallas to win. You may wait till Sunday; the number may go to 4."

Colin's prediction: Cowboys 26, Patriots 24

Colin's Pick: Patriots +3.5 ( or +4)

Seahawks (2-3) at Steelers (2-3) (SPREAD: PIT -5.5)

"Seattle has a backup quarterback, they have to travel cross country and try to score against an excellent defense. Geno Smith has not started since 2017. The Steelers' defense has 36 consecutive games without allowing 30 or more points. I only have to give up 5.5? Seattle's defense is a MESS! And last week the Steelers found a running game and Big Ben got protection. The secondary for Seattle is a nightmare and we know this, the Steelers are 3rd in the NFL in passing attempts and have star receivers. The Seahawks do not match up on the outside with Pittsburgh. And as the Steelers have an emerging running game now. I don't know. You can't ask a backup quarterback to go on the road against a great defense. A defense in Seattle that can't stop anybody so this feels obvious to me. I'm gonna take Pittsburgh to win and cover, 28 to 20."

Colin's prediction: Seahawks 20, Steelers 28

Colin's Pick: Steelers -5.5

**All spreads are provided by Fox Bet.

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