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Colin Cowherd Picks Which 0-2 NFL Teams Are Dead and Which Ones Will Be OK

Colin Cowherd: “Two things can be true at the same time. If you’re 2-0 in the NFL it absolutely, statistically helps you to get to the playoffs, and 0-2 is not fatal. Eight of 14 playoff teams last year started the season 1-1 or 0-2, and each of the six teams who started 2-0 made the playoffs. There’s nine teams that are 0-2: Bengals, Chargers, Vikings, Broncos, Patriots, Panthers, Texans, Cardinals, Bears. I put these teams in four categories. Because of star quarterbacks the Bengals and the Chargers are ‘VERY MUCH ALIVE.’ You’ve got star quarterbacks and that is a big percentage of winning. I think a ‘VERY STRONG HEARTBEAT’ regardless of what anybody says—the Broncos and the Patriots. They have Hall of Fame coaches and capable quarterbacks. I think the Vikings have a good coach and a good quarterback so they’re ‘STILL A PULSE.’ It may end this weekend but they still have a pulse. Then ‘CALL THE MEDICS’ for the Bears, Cardinals, Panthers, and Texans. You have quarterback issues, three of them have rookie quarterbacks, and another [Chicago] who is struggling and the franchise is wobbling. We kind of know the issues for everybody. The coach of the Chargers, Burrow is hurt for the Bengals, the Vikings may be in a subtle rebuild and Kirk Cousins isn’t good enough, Denver has to get their defense and Russell Wilson’s second halves right, New England doesn’t have enough juice on the outside, and then we know why the Bears, Panthers, Texans, and Cardinals—it's quarterback stuff. Denver remains the most interesting. There’s a lot of mystery here. Why is Russell Wilson so great in the first half and bad in the second half? What’s wrong with their defense? We like a lot of their offensive players. The offensive line massively upgraded, why is Russell getting sacked so much? I still think this is an 8-9 win team. This was a BAD team last year, but they don’t look like a BAD team right now.” (full segment above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the nine 0-2 teams in the NFL – Bengals, Chargers, Vikings, Patriots, Panthers, Texans, Cardinals, and Bears – and put their fates into four categories including ‘very much alive’, ‘very strong heartbeat’, ‘still a pulse’, and ‘calls the medics.’

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