Carl "The Foss" Foster Show Featuring Anita Marks

Carl "The Foss" Foster Show Featuring Anita Marks

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What to Expect from the 2019 Fish

The 2018 Marlins Finished in Last place in the NL East. They finished last in Major League Baseball in several category for this season including Home Runs and Runs batted in. With Fall happening across the country expect south Florida, but as Marlins fans We can start to look forward to spring and a clean slate. 

 The Anchor and Team MVP is clear, J.T, Realmuto, in my opinion is the best all-around catcher in Major League Baseball. As the Teams only All-Star in the 2018 season the Marlins will depend on him being healthy and ready for a productive 2019 season. 

Brian Anderson really came into his own last season, batting .272 with 161 hits 87 runs and 34 doubles. He should get major considerations for Rookie of the year with how he played.

Peter O'Brien was a late season call-up who fans learned has some pop in his bat and hopefully can get a full-time job in the league next year as our regular 1st baseman.

Urena started the season rocky to say the least, but in the the month of September  he was arguably the best pitcher in the National League. He will be exciting to see which Urena we get, hopefully its the Pitcher we saw in September, an undeniable Ace

Sandy Alcantra will be in the rotation for next year, He is definitely a name to remember going forward.

With the Offseason here for the Marlins, they can start looking for interested free agents to come help the line-up around the core of Realmuto, Castro, and Anderson. Other than the Baltimore O's, the Marlins have the most international money to spend as well.

I predict next year will be brighter, Miami will have a young and exciting team to cheer. Are we the Yankees? or the Red Sox? the answer is no, we aren't there yet, but with a few minor adjustments to the squad, the marlins can put a team on the field the opponent will fear. to quote someone that ill keep anonymous " we are a year away from being a year away"

You might think I'm optimistic, but I was producing most of the games this year and i can tell you first hand, this team is determined and building toward a winner, not just a winner but a sustained winner.

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