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Colin Cowherd: Why Justin Fields Is Not a Franchise Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “There are five stages of failing quarterbacks in the NFL. It starts with ‘hype’ and expectations. People are unrealistic, ‘he’s gonna be this, he’s gonna be that.’ Number two for failed quarterbacks is ‘inconsistency’. Flashes of brilliance, flashes of talent, but it’s just inconsistent. Three, blame him or not, is ‘mounting losses', you’re just not winning enough games. Justin Fields is 5-22. Then there’s ‘media criticism’ or fan criticism, or both-- getting banged on by talk radio. Then the fifth stage is ‘blame.’ // There is mounting evidence that he’s not a franchise quarterback. He holds the ball way too long. He leads the NFL by a mile since he came into the league in sacks with 4+ seconds in the pocket. His career passer rating is under 80. He doesn’t appear to be improving. Is he good in the fourth quarter? Nope, it’s his lowest passer rating—61.9. He’s not good late in games, and you need great quarterbacks late in games. Is he good on-script? No, his first quarter passer rating is not good either, that’s his second-lowest passer rating. Not good early on-script, not good late, there’s no circumstance he’s excelling in. I’ve always been critical of Baker Mayfield but I’ve said Baker leading with a run-game was good. Mayfield’s career passer rating when leading a game is 94. Mac Jones’ career passer rating when leading is 100. Justin Fields’ is 62, two touchdowns and seven picks. Not good early, not good late, not good when leading. The running Justin Fields is the best Justin Fields and I’m not giving up all hope, but there is mounting evidence that he holds the ball too long, and probably doesn’t see the field great. It does feel a lot like Zach Wilson. Got the arm, got the athletic ability, some college success-- why isn’t it working?” (full segment above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why the fate of Justin Fields may not be as bright as previously expected, coming into a 2023 season that had many optimistic that Fields could take the next step and propel the Chicago Bears in a post-Aaron Rodgers era in the NFC North.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Fields’ career is looking eerily similar to that of Zach Wilson’s, who has effectively already been branded as a bust.  

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