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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams After Week 10

Watch Colin Cowherd release his Week 10 NFL ‘Herd Hierarchy’, with Colin counting down his rankings of the top 10 teams heading into Week 11.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3, Last Week: 6): "Let's not overreact to Jacksonville. They've won 13 out of their last 18 games, they still have a star quarterback, and when Etienne scores they win. I still think they're a re-building roster, but they can't beat the Chiefs, they were hammered by San Francisco, but I still think they're a top ten team in the league."
9. Seattle Seahawks (6-3, Last Week: 9): “Their schedule gets really rough -- they've got the Niners, Cowboys, Niners again, and Eagles coming up. Two of their losses have been against the Bengals and the Ravens, so you can lose to good teams. I don't see Geno Smith as a guy who will hoist a trophy, and I don't see the Seahawks as a Super Bowl team but #9 feels fitting."
8. Cleveland Browns (6-3, Last Week: Unranked): “They were missing their three best offensive tackles against the Ravens and won, and give them credit-- they're 3-1 against the Niners, Bengals, and Ravens, so they're beating good teams. Deshaun Watson as a starter is 5-1 and there were multiple moments in that game where you were like 'OK, if that's what I get from Deshaun Watson, then this is going to be a playoff team.'
7. Dallas Cowboys (6-3, Last Week: 8): "They've played the easiest schedule in the NFL so far, and all six wins were against teams currently with a losing record. They're tied for the most penalties in the league and I don't trust them situationally. They're very good at home, so-so on the road, that's why I won't put them higher."
6. Detroit Lions (7-2, Last Week: 7): “I trust Detroit more than Dallas because I think they have more players at a high level in their prime, are not as reliant on one star receiver, and have two backs that I like. They are 15-4 their last 19 games. This defense was AWFUL last year but now it's a top 10 defense."
5. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4, Last Week: 3): "The Bengals are a bit beat-up on their defensive front and that worries me, but Joe Burrow, Ja'Marr Chase, and this offensive staff is pretty good. Burrow leads the NFL in completion percentage Week 5 and on at 74%. I trust Burrow in big spots-- let's not go crazy, if Boyd catches that ball in the end zone they probably win."
4. Baltimore Ravens (7-3, Last Week: 1): "Don't freak out with Baltimore, although there is a disturbing trend-- they've become a bad fourth quarter team because of turnovers. But they're the number one rushing offense and the number one scoring defense, they should have beaten Pittsburgh because of dropped passes, and they should have beaten the Colts. Their defense allows the lowest passer rating in the NFL."
3. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1, Last Week: 4): "Maybe I've got Philadelphia low but they've lost the turnover battle in four of the nine games. They just sort of grind you down, they're so deep. The story of this year is Jalen Hurts and the general manager. I don't know what bank they're using but they just keep adding good players. They've beaten 12 straight teams with winning records during the regular season. That's the opposite of the Cowboys."
2. San Francisco 49ers (6-3, Last Week: 5) "When healthy, it's easily the best roster in the NFL. Trent Williams and Deebo back, they annihilate Jacksonville. I know, Brock Purdy, that's why I don't have them number one. They literally have Pro Bowlers on every unit outside of maybe quarterback and cornerback."
1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2, Last Week: 2): "This might be an 'interim' pick for me, but they're the best team in the league. They're situationally great. They're coming off a bye, and Andy Reid is 27-4 coming off a bye, including the playoffs, so they'll win this coming week. Here is the thing that worries me though... In the second half this season they're the worst scoring offense. They can't be the old Chiefs where they can get behind 21-3, and they're not going to put you away. What they need to do is get a lead. That isn't what the Chiefs won Super Bowls with."

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